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What is it?

How much is it worth?

(11 quizzes, 5 questions each)

These are open book on-line quizzes that help to make sure you have read and understood the assigned text. There will be a link to it from the Quizzes page. You will have 10 minutes to complete the quiz, and only one attempt. Quizzes will be open 24 hours prior to class specified in Calendar, and closed when your class starts. If you experience a technical problem, e-mail me and I will reset the quiz for you.

5 points each; 55 points total

Reflections Write a 300-word reflection on an assigned reading; post it before class.  Make at least one reference to the reading in APA style.  The purpose of reflection is to demonstrate your ability to comprehend the reading and take its argument further. Please agree or disagree, but always explain why. Do not repeat what the author is saying. Relate the concepts that you have learned from the textbook to the reading. Read and RATE at least 3 reflections of your classmates. 5 points each: 55 points total. There is no formal grading, although I read all reflections. You get all points unless reflections are too short, superficial, or lack a reference.
Position papers Write a 700 words paper with a position on an educational issue of your choice (covered in textbook, CD readings or in our class discussions).  Use the GRE Analytical Writing Rubric as a guide; it contains examples of various levels. Paper I: 6 points
Paper II: 12 points
Paper III: 24 points
Total: 42 points
Group project A small group of students will research one of the "You be the Judge" pages in the textbook (listed on the inside cover). The group will gather factual evidence to support both sides of the issue, and present it in class. See detailed rubric. Bring files with you on flash drive. 50 points

Final Exam
(20 questions)

This is an open-book multiple choice test, administered in a computer lab. It includes exactly the same questions as in your quizzes. You will be given 20 randomly selected questions, to be completed in 20 minutes. No notes are allowed.

20 points


You will lose 5 points every time you miss a class; no exceptions. However, you can get these points back by writing one review for each missed class, for up to 3 classes (after that you simply lose 5 points per class).

-5 per missed class

(500 words)

These are only to get back points lost due to attendance; not an extra credit option. Find an article on education from any scholarly educational journal. Write a 500 word review, which includes three parts: Begin with the exact reference to the article in APA style. including author, title, journal name, volume, page numbers, etc. Provide web address if on-line. Summarize the article. Do not copy and paste text from the article; use your own words. Conclude with your response to the article (agree, disagree, and why).

+5 per each review, up to 15

Class participation

Participation is expected and required. Earn extra points for showing consistent participation in all classroom and on-line discussions and projects. Coming to class unprepared may cause you to lose points. Fair warning: Blackboard tracks your on-line presence.

Up to 10 extra points

Writing Lab extra points

Earn extra points for taking a draft of your paper to the university writing lab before the due date. You need to make an appointment. Bring the paper description and rubric with you; it will help writing lab staff to help you. Bring back some evidence of your tutoring session.

5 points each visit; up to 15 points

A: 200 and above, B: 178-199, C: 156-177, D: 134-155, F: 0-133


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Conceptions of Schooling: Context and Process, Spring 2007